5 Star Technology

Your shining star on ICT

5 Star technology was founded in 2010 to provide Information and Communication Technology solutions to the Small and Medium Business on Curacao.
Dedicated to our clients success, our success is due a value-driven and results-oriented approach.
We aspire to become a true Managed Service Provider on Curacao, delivering quality technology solutions to provide cost effective maintenance of our customer’s network environment.

Layered Security

Layered Security explained in easy everyday scenarios.
We will match common real life scenarios with IT scenarios so you can grasp the concept of layered security.

Preventing Ransomware

Protecting your company is not a trivial thing. As the article demonstrates, there are many ways your network can get compromised.

Reduce spam and email with malware content

There are 2 things you can do to reduce spam and email with a virus.
You can configure some settings at the endpoint (your pc) level or you can start the protection at the email server.