2-factor authentication

I have written in the past about password strenght

The security can be strengthened by implementing 2-factor authentication.

This means that beside the password, you need authenticate yourself via a second device. The most common implementation of the 2-factor authentication is via a mobile device since we have our mobile device most of the time with us. The authentication described above can be done via a call to the cell#, a sms to the cell#, or via an authentication app.  The authentication app can be from the service that you are accessing, or it can be a general authentication app.

At 5 Star Technology we are using the google authenticator app and the Microsoft account app.


The caveat by using the 2-factor authentication is of course to have a backup in place in case you loose the mobile device.

(in the case you loose the mobile device we can help if you have our managed mobile service).


Some backup options are:

  1. Add a second telephone number (either cell or fix number) to the 2-factor authentication
  2. Save/Print the backup codes
  3. In some cases you can sent an recovery email, of course you need to be able to receive the email without the 2-factor   authentication

Conclusion: by combining password strengths, 2-factor authentication and mobile device management you have protected yourself as much as you could from unauthorized access to your account.