How to create an excellent password strategy

In this article we are going to create an excellent password strategy to have unique, strong, yet still easy to remember password for each website.

In this example the password will be broken down in 3 sections.

The first section will be related to the website:
each website is already unique, there are no 2 websites with the same name, so by using the websites name, we already have created the uniqueness for the password.

The second section is to have a section with the special characters. Here we will using a set of fixed recurring special characters in the password.

The third section is where we insert something that we wont never forget.

some examples are:
what is your mother maiden name,
your favorite film,
which is your favorite sports team,
where were you born , etc


example (facebook):
first section: facebook
second section: &*
third section: scoobydoo

password becomes:

making it stronger
f becomes F
a becomes @
o becomes 0 (zero)

Final password:
F@ceb00k&*sc00by-d00 (19 characters)



another example:

website :instagram
first section: instagram
second section:#
third section: NYYankees

the password becomes then:

making the password stronger:
i becomes I
s becomes 5
a becomes @


Final password
In5t@gr@m#NYY@nkee5 (21 characters)

Things to remember:
Be consistent in the method you choose.
Make sure the website is secure (https and not plain http)
If the website/forum is only http use another strategy for the password
If the website does not allow to enter all the characters (certainly older websites have a 11-16 character limit, you need to rethink the strategy (use only the first 3 letters of the website for example).
And as a final note: Do not forget to use 2-factor authentication where applicable.