2016 roadmap for 5 Star Technology

Here we will outline the 2016 roadmap for 5 Star Technology.


In the past 5 Star technology could help secure your business environment by combining 5 services.

  1. Managed antivirus
  2. Managed web protection
  3. Managed patch management for Microsoft and 3rd party programs.
  4. Managed email (including mail archiving)
  5. Managed online backup



In the course of 2015:

  • We introduced a new and improved antivirus engine.
  • We enhanced the web protection solution
  • We added more support for the patch management of the 3rd party programs.
  • We enhanced all backup components and adding support new os platforms and applications protection and more.


Now on 2016 we are expanding our services with following new additions.


  • Automated vulnerability scanning to help prioritize threat mitigation strategies based directly on business costs.
  • Active network scanning, to detect new devices and being able to automatically onboard them into the secure business
  • Adding patch management for osx systems.
  • A new monthly report called executive summary report: a 2 page report for the managers.
  • Adding granular and disaster recovery options within the managed online backup.
  • The launch of a data-driven platform that uses collective intelligence and machine learning to make smarter decisions: prescriptive analytics. This enables 5 Star Technology to identify and prevent issues before they even start and moves us to a truly proactive position.



As you can see 5 Star Technology is continuously improving it’s services to serve and protect you better against all threads.

Contact us to to start implementing our services.