Managed email


Email is a critical communications tool – downtime means a loss of productivity, possible compliance and regulatory  issues related to data loss, and even lost revenues so minimizing this risk is an increasingly important part of a company’s messaging infrastructure and of its diaster prevention and recovery strategy.

Hackers know that the primary means for business to communicate is via email, and therefore their primary means to infect a company is via email.

If we look at some numbers we can see that 60 to 80% of all email traffic is spam and of number about 60% of the emails do have a malicious payload (virus). So this means if companies reduce this particular attack vector there is less chance that they will be infected by viruses.

However a lot of SMB companies, (including companies on Curacao) do not see the benefits of having their ICT Services outsourced to a company that has the expertise to provide IT (Information Technology) solutions for the SMB companies that don’t have either the in-house capability or deep pockets of larger organizations.

With a robust Managed Email service, problems can be mitigated  by providing the  robust, reliable and scalable  solutions that enable your customers to enjoy the advantages of a fully-functioning, secure and protected email system.

Ever faced any of the following?

  • Server downtime
  • Lost email connection
  • Virus threats
  • Junk mail filling your inbox
  • Running out of server space
  • Loss of emails
  • Unable to locate important emails
  • Genuine emails getting blocked

The key benefits of using our solutions are:

  • Increase productivity and reduce operating costs at the same time! If every employee used only 5 minutes a day deleting unwanted e-mails, how much time would your organization waste in a month?
  • We understand the overhead and threat spam creates for your business and users.
  • We protect your company’s critical assets and information by stopping email threats before they ever get to your network.
  • We offer the appropriate security for any size of company and network.
  • You receive comprehensive regular reporting identifying the volume and types of email being filtered, giving you the benefit of seeing where email is coming from and how many threats you have avoided.
  • We store received email should your email server go offline.
  • Filters are being applied to all outbound email to prevent your users from sending on malicious email.
  • No delay in email delivery, scans in real-time

With Managed Email, we help you overcome these common email issues in a cost-effective and efficient way.

Our service offers the following


Why is it so effective?

  • Value for money
  • Affordable
  • Uses latest technology
  • Price based only on usage
  • Easy to use
  • One tool does the lot
  • Helps support existing IT resources

You can either go for a complete solution consisting of all three services – archiving, continuity and security – or take a step at a time. It’s ideally suited to small and medium sized businesses that don’t have either the in-house capability or deep pockets of larger organisations.

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