Managed mobile


For less that the price of a cup of coffee a day, we’ll manage your devices so you can reap the full benefits of working in more flexible ways.
With new devices coming on the market every day, keep ahead of the competition and control your devices more effectively.

Free Service

Our entry level service gives you the opportunity to see how easy, painless and quick it is to get up and running with Managed Mobile – for free. In return, we’ll provide you with basic phone information and tracking, enabling you to start bringing devices under your control and helping you to build up the management of your devices.

Employee-owned Devices

Our Employee-owned Devices services enables password setting across devices as well as data-wipes should a device be lost or stolen. Working across iOS and Android, this tier increases security and protects your business data. Empower your employees with greater flexibility – enabling them to work across a number of devices, however and wherever they choose.

Company-owned Devices

Our top-level Managed Mobile service provides full company policies and processes for device usage as well as offering maximum security settings across all devices. Delivers consistency on how devices are used, gives YOU peace of mind on how your data is accessed – and helps you save money by using devices in the most efficient way.

4Managed-Mobile-imgDownload pdf for more info or feel free to contact us to make an appointment.