Our managed services

Managed Services is the proactive as compared to reactive management of IT Services, preventing IT problems from occurring and therefore disrupting business operations.
We are a Curacao based ICT company that has the expertise to provide IT (Information Technology) solutions for the SMB companies that don’t have either the in-house capability or deep
pockets of larger organizations.

We provide a comprehensive Information Technology platform designed to be safer for our customers by implementing a defense in depth strategy.


Here are the 5 Star Technology ICT Services FEATURES AT A GLANCE


• Managed Antivirus – Leverage an antivirus solution that employs near-perfect malware protection.
• Patch Management – Keep all of your software up-to-date in a highly automated fashion for streamlined IT maintenance.
• Web Protection – Safeguard users from visiting malicious websites that could harm the network and devices.
• Remote Monitoring – Easily monitor workstations, servers and mobile devices from within a unified dashboard.
• Leverage actionable data-driven insights to identify and prevent issues before they occur.
• Active Discovery – Identify new devices as they come onto the network and bring them under management with a single click .
• Backup & Recovery – Back up files faster and, in the event of a disaster, restore full systems within minutes.
• Mobile Device Management – Monitor, maintain and keep track of company- and employee-owned mobile devices.
• Reporting – Generate reports for management in order to make better decisions.
• Real-Time Architecture – Benefit from a world-class, ultraresponsive, near real-time monitoring platform for faster, more proactive service
• Risk Intelligence – Identify sensitive, hard-to-find data and calculate the risk of a data breach in dollars.
• Email Security – Leverage best-in-class email security, continuity and archiving

We also offer Unified Thread Management (UTM)

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